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60 Day Challenge!!!!

I've Created a 60 day plan for Women and Men to get the following results 

-Tone Up

-Weight Loss

-Build Cardiovascular system 

-Shed Fat and Uncover Muscle

-Proper Dietary Plan

-Strength Training

-Metabolic Effect



The Triple M APP offers

-On demand Workouts

-Convenience of working out from Home

-Variety Content

-Unlimited Accessibility

-My Personal Workouts

-Customize Plans!

The Triple M app offers

-None stop communication 

-Tips and Techniques 


-Live and Personalized

-Online Scheduling 

-Live Playback classes!


Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

60 Day Plan


Per 2 Months

-Video on Demand Workouts

-Synchronized Calendar 

-3 to 4 Day Splits

-Check ins

60 Day Plan W/Nutrition 


Per 2 Months

-Video on Demand Workouts

-Synchronized Calendar

-3 to 4 Day Splits

-Nutrition INCLUDED/Check ins 

60 Day Plan Customize TO YOU


Per 2 Months

Video on Demand WorkoutsSynchronized Calendar3 to 4 to 5 day splitsNutrition Included Customize to that particular personCheck Ins set to Person

ARE YOU NEXT???????????

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